Legal Research, Writing and Civil Lawsuit Assignemnt a few Essay

I found six different factors that may allow Amber to reply to this issue. The first one can be Excited Utternace. Rob was under stress and having fired up reactions with what was going on at the time of the event thus Amber was obviously a witness in regards to what exactly took place after Take advantage of was hit. Rob's recollection could have been changed due to all of the emotions he was dealing with during the car accident. This allows Emerald to answer in her personal memory in regards to what actually occurred.

The second one that I found was relating to her being a doctor. Because the lady was a doctor this allows her to answer in a medical standpoint as to what happened medically in the time the car accident. Her claims are of medical functions.

The third the first is Record Memory space. If the comunicacion or record concerning the function in which her being a observe would have information about it, and would allow her to fully testify accurately. This kind of record might have been made if the event would still be fresh in Amber's memory space.

Your fourth one would become Residual Different. If her statement is regarded as thrust valuable and the courtroom determines that her affirmation may be used since evidence.

The 5th one is Present sense Impression. If Ruby being a declarant gives her statement describes or explains the event and condition just after the time it occurred.

The last the one which I found had to do with existing mental, emotional, and physical circumstances immediately after the accident. Excluding statements of belief yet facts about the wedding exactly how this occurred.

If Amber who would become the main experience in this case implemented all of these rules while getting questioned from the time of the accident towards the time that she testifies in court, should be granted the opportunity to point out her side of incidents in which they occurred. Also in her statement will be exactly what Deceive told her was hurting when ever she told him the lady was a doctor. I believe the judge can over secret this argument because...