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Laws and Regulations

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Linda Lee-Tucker, Natalia Alexander, Misty Pearson, Tiffany Miller


February 21, 2011

Mentor Stephanie Romagnoli


British Petroleum is the US's largest organization. One of the most significant oil suppliers, BP providers globally for billions of dollars each year. BP distributes essential oil and gas all over the world. Uk Petroleum features run into many problems with federal government regulations more than many years. Due to safety issues up against the communities OSHA had to look into many times pertaining to oil leaks and natural gas leaks. Coca Cola is usually one of the greatest company drink companies on the world. Cocaina Cola utilized at first to cure junkies but the in it was revamped and intended for making drinks for everyone. Just like BP, Coca Cola had its difficulties with the law as well. They have been falsely accused of breaking human rights, pesticides in the groundwater, and finding tumor causing chemical compounds in the soft drinks. In 2008 it was concluded that Coca Cola was in immediate violation FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION for overall health risk. We all will compare the risks of safety rules, OSHA infringement, product protection and the liability, workers compensation, and office data security and real estate protection from Cocaina Cola and British Petroleum.


The Occupational Safety and Well being Act (OSH Act) of 1970 is a federal rules that establishes and enforces health and basic safety policy in the workplace (Goetsch, 2008). It includes private sector employers and employees and encourages claims to be involved in health and safety programs. Claims that take part receive half of its money from the authorities (OSHA. gov, 2011). Inside the advent of elevating awareness and training of health and basic safety, company basic safety representatives must be up-to-date in laws, restrictions and responsibility.

The OSH Act needs employers to keep up statistical into the safety information and to record occupational health problems and injuries under certain conditions each and every company position. The revealing conditions are definitely the following: " Death of 1 or more workers, one or more times away from job, restricted motion or constraints to the function that an worker can do, loss of intelligence of one or more workers, copy of an staff to another work, medical treatment past in-house first-aid (if it is not on the first-aid list, it can be considered medical treatment), and any other condition listed in Appendix B of the rule” (Goetsch, 2008, l. 121). Organisations are responsible for informing workers about health and safety procedures, laws, and regulations. OSHA regulations affect BP and Coca-Cola with a few deviation as a result of nature with the business. OSHA regulations incorporate general industry standards also it gives health and basic safety training applications for employees and employers. In the last few years, BP has been below much overview. OSHA fined BP $87. 4m to get safety violations that led up to the june 2006 Texas Metropolis refinery surge (Walter, 2009). In 2010, BP's Gulf of Mexico olive oil spill is still under exploration by the govt. Insiders pin the consequence on the spill on BP's decision to shortcut techniques and skip a quality check (Casselman & Gold, 2010). Unlike BP, Coca-Cola received OSHA identification in 2009 for achieveing the highest employee safety and health standards at its Milesburg, PA site (OSHA. gov, 2009). Worker's Compensation

In respect to Goetsch (2008) " the concept of worker's compensation designed as a way to let injured employees to be compensated appropriately without needing to take their employer to court” (Overview of Worker's Compensation, s. 174). British Petroleum (BP) and Pepsi are huge organization with locations all over the world. Both corporation have over 90, 000 workers worldwide and have staff member compensation programs to make sure wounded employees are cared for. In accordance to Ramos Law (2011), " employees at Softdrink suffer traumas similar to that of other stock employees. These types of workers...

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