Macbeth Dissertation

Power can tainted anyone's character. Thus, it normally adjustments a person from very good and meaningful to an wicked monster. When Macbeth believed he was in powerful position, he turns into a person of corruption. Macbeth committed various sins to become the full. In the tragic play by simply William Shakespeare, a person who gains power uses this to their advantage through the use of figure and tropology, Macbeth uses the throne or overhead to try to gain control over Ireland. Shakespeare wrote this play to prove a point that power can corrupt any person, and how misusing power contributes to corruption.

In the beginning from the play, Macbeth is pictured as magnificent hero, after which he turns from good and moral to immoral. The three nurses tells Macbeth that he will probably become a ruler " all hail, Macbeth, that shalt be Ruler hereafter! ”(1. 3. 53). Macbeth will not believe the three witches until the first prediction thane of Cawdor comes true. After that Macbeth begins to think about the concept of becoming a full. He passes the idea to his partner by sending her a letter. Macbeth and his partner plans to kill King Duncan and make this look like the guards killed Duncan. Through this section of the play electric power corrupts Macbeth, he should go from a fantastic and loyal servant to a killer and committing regicide. As well, when Macbeth becomes the king, he begins to dread when the three Witches tells him that Banquo rejeton will be nobleman in the future. He is afraid that his good friend might not in favor of him. Macbeth talks to himself and says " Our fears in Banquo stick deep” (3. 1 . 53). Macbeth feels that the just reason this kind of happened happens because he was with him when he got his prophecy. Banquo is the just one who can deliver Macbeth straight down and Macbeth doesn't need that to take place. After all Macbeth has done lots of things he would not want to do for being king, nevertheless he offers lost him self in power of greedy, he'd do anything in order to save his ruler position. He plans to kill his best friend Banquo and his kid Fleance. This individual kills his best friend because he...