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to water?


Fluoride-based is a normal mineral and a substance, which is a substance of fluorine that is the most frequently used in water sources. However not only for this, it also has a various range of other uses in example: making molten metals movement, and burning up materials and so forth as it is an exceptionally reactive and highly poisonous element, thus when it comes to adding fluoride to public water, that's the moment mankind is usually faced with several extremely tough decisions and several heated controversy occur about this. Fluoridation can be also put into some foods, tooth pastes in small amounts, even so its main role is adding it to general public water with regards to reducing dental decay, and it all started out in the US in 1945 and has since been implemented in about any major metropolis. It even now remains as being a practice, however if we think about this, all we all expect from our water is to be clean and secure for consuming etc . and fluoride is not related to that. Fluoridation has been under scrutiny for the past 5 decades and has come under extreme criticism, and also some positive comments coming from many persons in the last ten years.

Almost half of our drinking water could have fluoride put into it within 'secret' Federal government plan. The problem is that since the planet's population continue to be explode in an exponential rate, some researchers and the authorities make decisions of their own, occasionally behind closed doors from our knowledge about this kind of. On one hand they could care and try and ensure that the population to keep as healthier, however on the other hand (as We are mentioning after on), obviously fluoride contains a dark side as well, and that's when the problem hits us, which can be whether fluoride has been added to help all of us or could it be just a very good business and that we have been brain controlled?

It can be obvious, that fluoride is actually a chemical, that is not that important to be added to our normal water, but it can be something that many scientists determined as well, while the government, to include in something very precious to us that people wouldn't be able to survive with out. Our issues are based on everything, from genuine scientific analysis, to liberty of choice issues, to federal government conspiracy hypotheses, so we have to ask yourself: " Should fluoride be added to drinking water? ”

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What is fluorine and fluoride?

Fluorine - is an extremely reactive (the the majority of reactive naturally occurring), extremely corrosive, dangerous and a highly toxic element of atomic number 9, which belongs to a halogen group. Fluorine continues to be discovered by Karl Scheele in 1771, recognized as a halogen in 1825, and for the first time isolated by a French chemist Henri Moissan in 1886.

It is known as the least heavy one out of your halogen gas, and shows up as a light yellow gas under normal conditions. Real fluorine is really rare, it is not available, extremely hard to find in nature, due to the fact that this highly reactive element can bond with any components it is exposed to.

" Fluoride Crystals” Comprehensive properties of fluorine: Symbol of Aspect in the regular table: F

Atomic Mass: 18. 998404 amu

Melting Level: -219. sixty two °C -- 53. 530006 °K

Cooking food Point: -188. 14 °C - 85. 01 °K

Number of Protons/Electrons in Fluorine: 9

Volume of Neutrons in Fluorine: 12

Crystal Framework: Cubic Thickness 293 E: 1 . 696 g/cm3

Fluorine is used in: Henri Moissan Production of uranium Air-con Teflon Tooth paste Refrigeration Put into municipal normal water supplies Insecticide

It is also a trace element in small amounts, which is necessary for the health of most organisms. Most importantly is always to...