Marketing Exploration: Theme Cafe Essay


Theme cafe is a cafe designed in regards to particular motif so as the guest can experience exceptional dining encounter. For example , the toilet idea restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan. It is presumed that theme restaurants are getting to be more and more well-liked, therefore many people, specifically young people will patronize into a theme restaurant to experience the one of a kind ambience when enjoying their particular meal.

Almost all of theme cafe are located in Kuala Lumpur and offshore such as Singapore, Taiwan and Japan. It is hard to find motif restaurant in Johor Bahru, therefore it is unquestionably a good industry opportunity for all of us to advise this business to the client.

In order to survey the feasibility of beginning a theme restaurant in Johor Bahru, we have interviewed sixty respondents by giving out the customer survey and the effects have been analysed through some graphs and pie chart.

Factors/reasons that indicate the feasibility of opening idea restaurant in Johor Bahru.

Johor Bahru is a very busy and populated city. It is rather difficult to find an appropriate and silent place intended for chatting and gathering. Today theme cafe is very renowned in international such as toilet-themed restaurant, Taiwan. Wong (2009) states that " All of us not only sell off food yet also frivolity. The food can be just as good every restaurant but we offer further fun". This indicates that theme restaurant not only allow client enjoy a delightful meal nevertheless also provide several entertainment. One of the foods described by Wong is the chocolates ice-cream; they have designed the design of the delicious chocolate ice-cream appears like natural spend. Although customers think that it really is disgusting, the customer awareness and curiosity can be increasing at this time creative thought. The number of people that enjoy staying in theme cafe is still elevating. Thus, there is also a potential market for manage the topic restaurant in Johor Bahru.

According to appendix number 10, 93% of the participants agree that they can would like to move if there is a fresh theme cafe opened in Johor Bahru. The key elements are the following.

Trend of theme cafe

When creating motif restaurants, restaurateurs should be specific. The creation of a one of a kind and innovative, dining atmosphere will identify from the various other competitor.   Differentiate with other restaurant not only superb food nevertheless great assistance and ambiance.  The cafe will stay ahead of the additional restaurants inside the area due to unique design and decor. Virtually all restaurants incorporate some theme, whether it be related to the type of food they will serve. Theme restaurants will be successfully creating themselves to hold follow with consumers maintain changing hobbies. A restored emphasis on food and services quality and an entry of new principles are aiding this segment maintain its acceptance. The reality is that the theme-restaurant section is setting itself pertaining to growth on the basis of its service, style and menus. Certainly, theme eating places have been enjoying a new start of class. No matter the theme of sporting activities, aliens, cleaning service or a certain kind of meals, the common element among this theme eating places is their particular emphasis on superior quality food and service. Gavigan (1999) says that " we are not going to let just the theme do the talking. We'll let the cafe do the speaking. ” Lasting success with theme eating places is to generate customer dedication those happen to be aspects that attract replicate customers and promote long life at any restaurant. The establishment will be able to depend on locals along with tourists for revenue. Therefore , food and service are where the concentrate must be. This argument can also be supported by the industry experienced, Swope, he claims that " everything else is just window-dressing”. (2002)

Design of topic restaurant

Motif restaurants catch the attention of and keep your hands on customers by simply serving very good food that compliments the theme. They are going to become produced customized features that customer are not able to find...