Army Accountability Essay

The value of accountability

The protection of the team members and other troops in this unit is paramount every day there are many flights which have at least 3 team members on it at all times and may reach right up to 33 passengers but with all these plane tickets that we carry out every day comes a great deal of plane maintenance every single day some sort of maintenance which usually requires tools is preformed and in a aviation job FOD for no reason is suitable if you conduct maintenance with an aircraft that you just signed off with your PID that The almighty forbid occurs crash as well as the cause of the crash is due to the maintenance you preformed both you and you only are entirely responsible for that death of all the personnel in at the time going out of a tool lurking behind after you complete the maintenance you preformed and you are not able to think it is brings various complications to our already stress filled work environment initial you will prevent all operate that is getting preformed and conduct a 100% FOD check until the lost application is found this implies you will be costing the Army time and money but not simply ensuring you have all your tools after you develop a job additionally it is very important to protected your tool kit to exactly where no one can consider it because there are many thief’s in the Army also in the event you don’t it is usually very costly to suit your needs and you could get a negative therapies statement and a 2000 word dissertation the military services invests to much time and money training you for you to go and bang it all up by leaving a tool at the rear of or burning off them this makes you along with your leadership seem bad since they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for you and your actions by simply displaying this sort of behavior that show you colleagues that you don’t care enough and the leadership as well also it would make life very hard on you it will likewise make it even harder to progress through you career because should you cant always be trusted to even lock up your resource or keep accountability of your tools than how can any individual...