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Albatross Anchor Operational Changes

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Albatross Anchor Functional Changes


Albatross Anchors is a small family owned business that started in 1976. The company has exploded exponentially over time with more than one hundred and twenty five employees. Since the company grew, their operational issues from the manufacturing and management area grew as well. The organization has been facing a lack of current technology, out dated equipment, an inefficient design which violates the U. S. security and environmental standards, and a disorganized administration workplace. Therefore , production is certainly not running efficiently, especially since in 1989 the company's owner decided to increase the product line to incorporate fabricated sang hook anchors along with manufacturing the first product line (bell/mushroom anchor). The company only sells on a wholesale level. There are plenty of areas which the owner must plan and consider to boost in order to be good and maintain its competitive advantage in the market place.

To find solutions for the problems, we all begin by doing a process analysis and strategy and assess the performance from the current program that is set up. This will be the beginning point for which the rest of the analysis and proposal depends upon. This paper will handle three extended and short-term solutions to detailed changes, and address four operational difficulties with regards to enhance job preservation, employee comfort, and staff dedication to help the Albatross Anchor procedure system improvement. Question One

Carefully assessment the project scenario/case study. From the limited information in the scenario/case examine, along with your answers to the device three drafted assignment, recognize at least three direct and certain long-term and three direct and certain short term operations changes that Albatross Point must make to achieve a clear and sustainable competitive advantage (provide detailed info to validate and support each advised change) Long-Term Operational Alterations

(01) Technology:

Information technology comes with all the computer software, hardware and resources that collect, method, observe and execute info required for different activities from the business. The higher use of It is made possible while using advent of the newest technologies and tools which are developed to facilitate every business techniques. In manufacturing, usage of IT refers to the large number of business applications and pc technologies. Significant wholesale volumes are now scheduled and maintained properly by using different pc tools. MRP and ERP are important software for developing businesses that help from suppliers manufacturers to be aware of what quantities are in hand, how much is needed further then when. Thus the usage of them eliminates the need of storing extra inventories. Therefore , expense of inventory storage area is also reduced which can be useful for overall reduction of operational costs. Additionally , the role of IT in dropshipping appears to be more significant. Utilization of order checking software and delivery checking software is surely an essential element of this business structure (Edgar, 2003).

Albatross at the moment has out-of-date obsolete machines that could be the reason that the plant is hazardous and not up to workplace normal with a low-level of production. Therefore , the company needs to spend money on updated technology to not only speed up the availability process effectively and effectively, but also, to create a safer environment for employees. This will improve the workers' spirits with the idea that the firm cares for their very own safety and ultimately, it will result in larger productivity and even more profit with less cost. (02) Building Renovation:

At the moment, the company provides about three to four weeks business lead time about exceptionally significant bulk purchases. This suggests that they most likely are unable to...

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