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Introduction to Multi-Modal Transportation Planning

Principles and Practices

twelve December 2012 By John Litman Exito Transport Insurance plan Institute


This daily news summarizes basics for transport planning. That describes standard transport planning, which will focus on car traffic circumstances, and modern methods for even more multi-modal planning and evaluation.

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Multi-Modal Vehicles Planning

Victoria Transport Coverage Institute

Regular Transportation Preparing Conventional (also called classic or business as usual) transportation organizing refers to current practices for making transport policy, investment and design decisions. Multimodal preparing refers to planning that considers various modes (walking, bicycling, automobile, general public transit, and so forth ) and connections among modes. There are several specific types of transport planning for showing different scales and aims: п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· Traffic impact studies evaluate traffic influences and mitigation strategies for a specific development or perhaps project. Regional transport preparing develops comunitario and neighborhood transport programs. Regional travel planning builds up plans for any metropolitan region. State, provincial and nationwide transportation preparing develops strategies for a significant jurisdiction, to get implemented with a transportation company. Strategic travel plans develop long-range programs, typically 20-40 years ahead6171. Transportation improvement plans (TIPs) or action plans identify specific jobs and applications to be implemented within a number of years. Corridor travel plans discover projects and programs being implemented over a specific hallway, such as along a particular road, bridge or route. Mode- or area-specific transport programs identify strategies to improve a specific mode (walking, cycling, community transit, etc . ) or perhaps area (a campus, the downtown area, industrial recreation area, etc . ).

Figure one particular Transport Preparing Process (FHWA and FTA, 2007)

A transport preparing process commonly includes the subsequent steps: п‚· п‚· Screen existing conditions. Forecast long term population and employment growth, and identify major growth corridors. Determine current and projected upcoming transport problems and needs, and various projects and ways of address individuals needs. Examine and prioritize potential improvement projects and strategies. Develop long-range ideas and short-range programs discovering specific capital projects and operational tactics. Develop a economic plan for implementing the selected jobs and strategies.


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Multi-Modal Transportation Organizing

Victoria Travel Policy Institute

Conventional travel evaluation has a tendency to focus on specific impacts, since summarized in Table 1 . Commonly-used travel economic analysis models, just like MicroBenCost, were designed for freeway project evaluation, assuming that total vehicle travel and leisure is unaffected and is unsuitable for evaluating projects that include alternative modes or require management tactics. Table one particular Impacts Regarded and Forgotten

Often Overlooked Generated targeted traffic and caused travel influences Downstream over-crowding Impacts on nonmotorized travel and leisure (barrier effects) Parking costs Vehicle possession and mileage-based depreciation costs. Project building traffic holdups hindrances impediments Indirect environmental impacts Ideal land use impacts (sprawl versus clever growth) Transport diversity and equity effects Per-capita crash risk Open public fitness and health effects Travelers' preferences for option modes (e. g., pertaining to walking and cycling)

Usually Considered Financial costs to governments Motor vehicle operating costs (fuel, tolls, tire...

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