NT1330Lab10Worksheet Essay

Lab 10 worksheet

Disaster Recovery and Protection

This lab contains the pursuing exercises:

Exercise 10. you Resolving Duplication Issues

Workout 10. two Performing a method State Data Backup

Physical exercise 10. 3 Compacting the Database

Workout 10. some Performing an Authoritative Restore

Estimated research laboratory time: 128 minutes

Exercise 10. one particular

Resolving Duplication Issues


Your administrator sends recommendations to two several administrators to execute conflicting duties. These managers perform the tasks on two different domain controllers in two distinct sites. Following replication arises, you notice peculiar results in the Active Listing Users And Computers client. Completion time

30 minutes

PART B: Learning about and Solving the Issue

Question 1

What really does the alphanumeric thread appended towards the Accounting ET name symbolize? It indicates that there was a great AD replication conflict resolution with the accounting SYSTEMS.

2 . Press Ctrl+Prt Scr to take a screen shot of the Effective Directory Users and Personal computers console exhibiting the Accounting OUs, and then press Ctrl+V to paste the resulting image in to the lab10_worksheet record in the page provided.

Physical exercise 10. a couple of

Performing a System State Info Backup


You are about for making some setup changes to the Active Directory site database. You want to have an up-to-date System Express data back-up before you talk to the banks. Completion time

30 minutes

PART B: Carry out the System State Backup

11. Press Ctrl+Prt Scr to adopt a display screen shot from the Backup When Wizard indicating that the back up was finished, and then press Ctrl+V to paste the resulting picture into the lab10_worksheet file in the page presented.

Exercise 10. 3

Compacting the Repository


You need to reduce the space that Energetic Directory uses up on your domain name controller. Achievement time

thirty minutes

1 . Press Ctrl+Prt Scr to take a screen taken of the order prompt windows showing the statistics for the newly condensed database and then press Ctrl+V to insert the producing image in to the lab10_worksheet data file in the webpage provided.

Workout 10. 5

Performing a great Authoritative Reestablish


You accidentally delete an SYSTEMS and all of their user accounts. You want to bring back the SYSTEMS using an authoritative regain. Completion time

20 moments

Question two

Were the Denise, Misty, and Samantha user accounts restored with all the Administration OU?

18. Press Ctrl+Prt Scr to take a display screen shot of Active Index Users and Computers system showing the contents of the Administration OU, and then press Ctrl+V to paste the resulting photo into the lab10_worksheet file inside the page provided.