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Persuasive Writing Unit Prompt Options 2012

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Click ok around the box mainly because it pops up, then click on " SIRS Expertise Source”; this kind of takes you to the front site with the set of topics for pro & con articles.

#1 Demanding School Uniforms (In SIRS click on " School Uniforms”) Your college is looking at requiring all students to wear uniforms during school.   Do you feel it is just a good idea or maybe a bad idea to require students put on uniforms?   Why? Write a great essay convincing your primary to accept your recommendation in whether or not your school should require pupils to wear uniforms.

#2 Can be Cheating Often Wrong? (In SIRS select " Cheating”) " We would prefer also to fail with honor than to succeed by cheating. " -- Sophocles " 'Tis my estimation every man cheats in his own approach, and he is only honest who is not discovered. " - Susannah Centlivre Just lately, the idea of cheating has obtained much focus in the world of sports activities, entertainment, and politics.   Many celebrities had been accused of gaining a competitive edge through fraudulent means. Although cheating provides mainly been publicly ruined, there are many that experience there are times when cheating can actually become a way of producing things better. They believe there exists absolutely nothing drastically wrong with making your better athlete, entertainer, or perhaps politician in the event what you did makes the celebration more interesting, or aids the greater good. Do you believe that there are times when cheating is suitable, or can be cheating hardly ever justified? Within a detailed dissertation, articulate your position on if cheating is always wrong. Work with facts and examples to compliment your position.

#3 Limiting the Amount of Homework (In SIRS simply click " Homework”)

Your college is looking at its groundwork policy and has requested your advice whether there ought to be a limit around the amount of homework designated by instructors.   Some college students...