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July 2012

Online full in The japanese: Too late for new entrants?

E-commerce sales take track to hit $62 billion by 2016.

By Brian Salsberg and Yuka Morita

To get a reputation for experience, here's a

basic rule: In the event you predict many, omit

a date. If you mention a date, fudge the

numbers. McKinsey decided to forgo this

guidance in Drive 2010, whenever we published

the analysis of the future of Japan's online

realtor mls database. We prediction then that online

purchasing (a $33 billion marketplace in 2009,

not including nonphysical goods such as

digital media and tickets) will grow to

$56 billion dollars by 2015. We as well predicted

that e-commerce most outstanding Rakuten and

Amazon Asia would carry on and increase

all their market share and squeeze away those

who we known as " slower movers. ”

drugs, meals and beverage, beauty attention,

and electronics. It features 95

million products and much more than 35, 500

associated stores; merchandise sales

(i. at the., excluding seats and downloads) is

about ВҐ1 trillion (US$12. a few billion). More

than three-quarters (76%) of online

buyers say they will visit Rakuten.

of on-line shoppers visit it. Amazon online is the

simply non-Japanese on the net retailer of any

significance (Yahoo! The japanese, a searching

portal, is not a retailer) with an estimated

\500 billion ($6. a couple of billion) in sales. President

and CEO Jeff Bezos is aiming intended for 30% a

year income growth. Amazon's service,

which include free and same-day delivery,

which opponents have started to copy, provides

earned that profound buyer loyalty. The

company is pushing in new categories,

Amazon The japanese, launched in 2000, remains to be

an committed and shrewd number 2; 62%

Exhibit you:

The web commerce growth prospect

Japan retail e-commerce revenues, actual and projected

JPY trillions

So, just how did we all do? Pretty well. By 2011,

Japanese e-commerce retail spending

had previously reached by least $46 billion.

With growth running at 7%, that sets the

market on course to go over our topic

figure of $56 billion dollars by 2015 and strike $62

billion dollars the following yr.

5, 1000

As for the Rakuten/Amazon juggernaut:

The two leaders continue to grow out of the

industry significantly, having a combined

market share that grew from around

32% to 40% in just two years and may

hit 50 percent soon. Rakuten, launched in 1997,

continue to be lead many segments, including

1, 1000

4, five-hundred

4, 000

3, 347

3, 500

3, 1000

2, five-hundred

2, 500

2, 091

2, 394

2, 680

3, 637

3, 905

4, 135

4, 346

4, 548

4, 753

2, 988

1, five-hundred










Excludes CtoC, automobiles, ticket product sales, travel, online gambling, delivery meals, returns ORIGIN: Euromonitor 2012, METI, McKinsey





including foodstuff and most importantly

fashion; also, it is adding fresh distribution

centers to it is current nine, and is

preparing to launch a Japanese type of

the Kindle.

Demonstrate 2:

Japan's top 10 online retailers



Largest ecommerce retailer (80 million users)



Biggest on the net book retailer; also offers general merchandise



On the web information site that offers to shop online in addition to its


Japanet Takata

search engine and Internet index

But oddly enough, of the top Japanese

web commerce companies, simply Joshin,

an Osaka-based gadgets

retail store user with about $5

billion in total product sales (online and off), is usually

a bricks-and-mortar player. Two others

are traditional list players (Nissen

and Shensuaki). Compare this to the US,

where, eight of the top ten online retailers

will be traditional heavyweights like Sears,

Staples, Business office Max, Wal-Mart and Greatest


How come the difference? Japanese people bricksand-mortar players have been reluctant to invest excessive online, typically

because they generally enjoy fortunate

positions in their traditional space.

Due to self-reinforcing mechanisms

that favor its status, Japanese...