One Piece Essay

What is Medicine?

A medication is a substance that is certainly taken in to or placed on the body that does among the following issues:

The majority of medications are used to cure a disease or state.

For example , antibiotics get to remedy an infection.

Medications are given to handle a sickness.

For example , anti-depressants receive to treat depression. Medications can also be given to relieve symptoms of a disease. For example , pain relievers are given to lower pain.

Vaccinations get to prevent disorders.

For example , the Flu Vaccine helps you to prevent the person from issues of having the flu.


It would be exactly like intentionally. It might be something you meant to perform, and not made by accident. PREGNANT

PregnancyВ is theВ fertilizationВ and development of more than one offspring, referred to as anembryoВ orВ fetus, within a woman'sВ uterus. In a pregnancy, there might be multipleВ gestations, as in the case of twins orВ triplets. ContraceptionВ is the employment various devices, drugs, brokers, sexual practices, or surgical procedures to prevent pregnancy or impregnation (pregnancy). Contraceptive helps females plan if they want to have child. The condom is the only current contraception device in order to protect intimate partners by STIs (sexually transmitted infections). В Birth controlВ involves a number of actions, devices, sexual methods or prescription drugs followed to intentionally prevent or decrease the likelihood of being pregnant or having a baby. The three primary routes of birth control to prevent or end pregnancy consist of contraception (the prevention of fertilization in the ovum by sperm cells), contragestion (preventing the fertilized egg by implantation - morning-after-pill), and the chemical or surgical induction of abortion of the producing embryo/fetus. The termВ emergency contraceptionВ is often used instead of contragestion. В ContraceptionВ meansВ " Prevention of getting pregnant or impregnation"

Birth controlВ meansВ " 1 . constraint of the range of offspring through contraceptive steps; 2 . jobs, programs, or methods to control reproduction, simply by either enhancing or reducing fertility. " Withdrawal (coitus interruptus)В - when the man is around to have an orgasm he drags his penis out of the genitals. The climax occurs away from the vaginal area. The idea at the rear of this method is that no sperm will be placed in the vagina. According to some businesses this method is all about 90% effective if applied correctly. Typically, though, regarding one third of couples whom use this approach will experience an unintended pregnancy within twelve months.

Listed below is a list of the most common types of contraceptive:

Traditional birth control methods

Celibacy or sexual abstinenceВ - therefore avoiding penis-in-vagina intercourse to avoid pregnancy. В

Withdrawal (coitus interruptus)В - when the man is all about to have an orgasmic pleasure he draws his male organ out of the vaginal area. The climax occurs outside of the genitals. The idea lurking behind this method is the fact no ejaculation will be lodged in the vagina. In respect to some organizations this method is approximately 90% successful if utilized correctly. Commonly, though, about one third of couples who have use this method will knowledge an accidental pregnancy inside twelve months. Contemporary birth control strategies

Male condomВ - this device is known as a mechanical obstacle which stops pregnancy by stopping ejaculate from entering the vaginal area. It should be placed over the male organ before sexual activity begins. They can be made of polyurethane or latex. Male condoms look like extended thin deflated balloons. And also preventing pregnant state, they are also useful in helping protect sexual partners from sexually transmitted attacks (STIs). В

Female condomВ - made of polyurethane. The female condom has a flexible ring each and every end -- one protect behind the pubic bone to hold the condom in place, while the additional ring stays outside the vagina. В

SpermicidesВ - may be put in the genitals before sexual intercourse and build a...