Public Travel Research Conventional paper

Public transport can be define as a system of automobiles such as buses and train locomotives, which function at frequent times in fixed tracks and are employed by the public. In Malaysia, the amount of vehicle on the road has been increase in every year. This shows that the population now is affordable to have for least a motorcycle his or her daily travel rather than utilize public travel. The public should never use the open public transport for the reason that risk of getting the lawbreaker victim increases the people ought to wait a long time for the general public transport and the public cannot include comfort in their journey to their destination.


Firstly, the disadvantages of employing public transportation are the risk of being the criminal patient is large. Many lawbreaker case will be reported can be causes if the public applying this kind of transfer. Raped and snatch offense is the most prevalent cases that creates by the general public transport. While example, when a woman applied the public transfer such as bus lonely, she is going to sit close to someone that the lady does not know the background, behavior or it is intention to her. It is also risky when a person in a packed train, various people around her will need advantage to snatch her wallet unconsciously.


In addition , when using the public transportation, people are not able to have a comfortable journey to their destination. A number of the public travel such as bus is usually grubby and stinky. It will associated with passenger uncomfortable due to that condition rather they employing their own car. Beside that, when there exists too much voyager in a coach or coach, it is difficult to have a seats although they shell out same cost as well as other people. Some exceptional people just like disabled person and outdated folks might be treated poor when they are in the public transport.


Moreover, the disadvantages of using open public transport will be the people need to wait for a long time to experience a bus or train. Persons will waste materials their period during they waiting for people transport rather they used their own...