Essay on Oscar Offer

I must start with this really is about a offense but the offender is considered harmless until verified guilty within a court of law. Of course, if anything on this page offends anyone I apologize ahead of time. I simply want most to be able to possess a visual knowledge to understand what Oakland is like and how that plays a role in a person's life. Having moved right here from Washington dc a little more than year ago and working together with youth (youth is defined 13-24 in the field I was in) in Oakland, this case actually hit near home. I use very strong feels about this particular occurrence and find this very hard to have an open minded approach. By no means the significantly less here it truly is. What started out as a police response to a fight changed into the fatal shooting of twenty-two year old Oscar Grant III. Some believe it was an execution when the officer claims that this individual thought he was reaching and firing his " TAZER”. Here is one of the videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Tmh9B8LVxM&feature=related The first news article:

http://www.insidebayarea.com/search/ci_11359281?IADID=Search-www.insidebayarea.com-www.insidebayarea.com# The Wikipedia page


Through the entire past decades we have read about police violence and racial profiling. A large number of make claims to such have already been made however it is a rarity that lawbreaker charges will be brought out and even fewer a MURDER charge. In spite of hearing about these kinds of, we being a society look for the criminal justice system (more than 55, 000 local, state, and federal government agencies that enforce laws and regulations, adjudicate crimes and handle and restore criminals) for protection and complete up having of the rules. The police particular are built being a bureaucracy (an organizational style characterized by a hierarchy of authority, an obvious division of labor, explicit guidelines, and methods, and impersonality in workers matters). For this reason most of the time " to protect and serve” is true, maybe not the way you are likely to like a condition to be dealt with but it is definitely handled. This...