Essay about Paragon Equipment

Travis Robinson

Tactical Management in Dynamic Surroundings

Colorado Technological University

Prof: Mathew Willard

Growing for Shattered

1 . ) Why might Paragon Tool need to follow acquisition of MonitorRobotics? What are the associated dangers? Paragon Device would want to follow the purchase of MonitorRobotics because it would give these people the ability to troubleshoot their own items out in the field. If perhaps Paragon Instrument had a instrument go down a consumer got purchased your five years back then MonitorRobotics would offer the ability to go out and fix and keep the machine. The acquisition would give Paragon Device the services they have to maintain their own tools in house and it would give them the departments important to keep up with your competitors that currently have the technology and solutions available to buyers. A major risk involved could be the fact that Paragon Tool is not making substantial amounts of revenue but and is if she is not recognized by Wall street as a major player inside the tool organization. Another risk is the fact that every one of the competition in existence already provides the software and departments in place to handle maintaining and correcting machines which have been already out there. To increase as a business and to build a bottom line the Paragon Device company needs to make a decision in acquiring the MonitorRobotics company to take care of their in field difficulty shooting or perhaps not. Even though the competition currently has the departments at their disposal once consumers head to buy the competitions products the amount paid are higher given the very fact that they have already the trouble capturing departments in place. If Paragon Tool would not acquire the MonitorRobotics then the prices for the products would be reduce and more competitive. 2 . ) Are there other choices for progress that Paragon Tool should consider? I think that Paragon Instrument should take into account the consumers whom are obtaining their products. People that buy equipment are able to build their own tools to adjust to...