Phi-105 Week Five Gate - Ethical Character Perspective Points Dissertation

CheckPoint: Meaningful Character View Points

PHI/105: Intro. To Philosophy

Deadline: 10/05/2011

Instructor: Geth Allison

Ethical Character View Points

Referencing week four dialogue concerning moral character, 1 viewpoint my personal discussion group overall decided including me personally is that behaviors develop by repeatedly undertaking something and may reflect on a person great or poor moral figure. For example , if a child was taught to state yes sir while developing up by the time he or she turns into an adult they have developed a habit of responding since yes friend without thinking 2 times because of saying it over and over again as they was raised, which can appear to be a reflection of a person with good meaning character, even though that is not often the case in my opinion. In contrast, a person of bad moral character likewise could have been taught as a child to reply as certainly sir as they grew in to an adult having a habit, nevertheless overall their moral character is poor. In addition everyone agreed that habits, whether morally good or bad is formed by repetitiveness, which in turn does not often result in the person being of bad or good meaningful character.

On the other hand, quite a few classmates disagree for the viewpoint with regards to habit and moral personality being associated; as some of them argue that both the have no interconnection what so ever. In contrast, my perspective is that habit and moral character is usually connected to some extent based on the circumstances. For example , habits if good or bad, are apart of every individuals moral character; I have a bad habit of purchasing shoes and boots, although I actually do not need them, but I have a urge to get a pair or maybe more if I enter shoe shop. This is anything I have been performing for given that I can keep in mind, but I need to say they have gotten better because I actually intentionally stay out of the shoe retail outlet. Nevertheless, it can be apart of who I am, that may be, an individual with a shoe fetish, which I actually do not imagine to be a awful...