Essay on Picnic Area Marketing


Md. Iftekharul Amin

Course Trainer




Hikmat Kabir

Roll- ZR 99, Section B

BBA 20th

An advertising Management Assignment

Institute of Business Supervision, University of Dhaka

twenty second April, 2014


The village of Maizbhandar is extremely old. Its roots could be traced dating back to the year 1425 with the original settlers in the village staying migrants coming over via Saudia Arabia. It is a portion of the Nanupur Union council that is located in Fatikchori, Chittagong. It will take approximately about two hours on very clear roads to reach Maizbhandar coming from Chittagong town. The road resulting in Maizbhandar offers a peaceful and fabulous environment stuffed with lush trees that can be a welcome relief at times in contrast to the tough and strenuous city your life. One landmark that is sure to grab focus is the Maizbhandar Darbar Sharif that has once you enter Fatikchori, something that draws in many unique visitors via all over the country. It is dedicated to the late Ziaul Haque Maizbhandari upon in whose memory the village Maizbhandar gets thier name.

The lives of villagers have prospered well over the many years movement. It is at times difficult to understand the modify that has took place in their lives, especially when a single looks upon the situation of the identical family during post 1971. There as well many villagers who have removed on to operate the Middle East thus submitting valuable remittances back to the village which has been in a key component in improving the lives of the villagers. In fact , it might be said that there exists average of just one person via every family who is functioning abroad. Additionally, there are some internet marketers operating in the village manufacturing food products just like chanachur, cookie, etc . Almost all of the villagers happen to be expectedly farmers whose significant crops include rice and chilli. A number of the locals have set up cabinetry shops to boost their sustenance. For purchasing, there is the Nanupur Bajar close by where all types of food and basic needs are available. It will take around about a quarter of an hour on foot to access the Bazar.

There are five banks within village and its particular surrounding areas where villagers could make deposits or perhaps take financial loans. The salary disparity can be pretty low although there happen to be one or two people who along with the extreme poverty line while there is always charitable contributions coming in to help support these families.

The Darbar Sharif of Maizbhandar has also performed a critical role inside the village's expansion. As stated earlier, it appeals to visitors throughout the countries which has helped boosted the


local shops. Actually some state traffic to the Darbar Sharif was a perfect mover behind the development of streets around these parts.

Nevertheless , despite all of the positive improvements, there is always the condition of massive amounts that remains a constant thorn in the lives of the villagers. This is problems that is elevating in frequency due to against the law construction function that is on offer the small town which is in return changing the village surroundings for the worse. The problem will continue to escalate in the event the authorities tend not to take preventive measures.


Business Idea

Chittagong is getting developing at an excellent00 rate nowadays. There are a lot of offices, restaurants, colleges, etc . opening around making city existence pretty frantic these days. Consequently, the situation can be stated to be very similar to those of Dhaka. As industrialization provides moved in, so offers moved inside the demand for quality family excursions or workplace picnics by beautiful venues in or around the city. However in addition to the Patenga beach front, Chittagong will not offer much. As effect, it would be perfect for the dwellers of Chittagong if refreshments spots would have been to open up around the city. At a distance of 2 several hours away from the town, Maizbhandar presents an ideal have a picnic spot having its idyllic small town surroundings. Businesses looking out for HR outings may possibly put this up to good us to increase up the...