Present Basic Essay


1-When can we use it?

-When we are discussing a habit;

-When our company is talking about a schedule;

-When we are stating a fact;

-When we claim something that is generally true;

-When we give guidelines or guidelines.

2-TIME EXPRESSION for points that happen regularly will be:


-Once a....

-Twice a....

-On Tuesdays.....

-In winters....


-Always, Frequently, Often , Usually, On a regular basis, Generally, Occasionally, Seldom, Seldom, Never.

* Period Expressions which can be one expression, we set before the primary verb.

e. g. I always carry out my groundwork.

e. g. We may usually dedicate so much funds.

* In case the main verb is END UP BEING (am, is, are), we all put the Period Expression after it. e. g. I am hardly ever late.

* Once we have a sentence that is a general fact, we avoid the use of any time manifestation and we have to know that it identifies PRESENT BASIC.

electronic. g. The sun shines inside the east.

My dad works within a factory.

All of us live in Boston.

Using The Present Basic?

i) Yes, definitely form:

-Subject + Verb + Subject

e. g: I perform football each day.

***3rd person of novel:

-Most in the verbs take those letter " s” since 3rd person of singular, e. g.: Live-lives


but …the verbs closing in " sh, ch, o, back button, ss”, we ad " es” electronic. g.: wash-washed,





and…the verbs stopping in consonant + page " Y”, we cut " y” and add " ies”. electronic. g.:




but…the verbs ending in vowel + letter " Y”, all of us add " s”. electronic. g.:




ii) Negative contact form:

-To the actual negative contact form in present simple tense, we must utilize auxiliary " to do”. -Subject + verb to perform (conjugated) + not + main verb (infinitive) + the object.

electronic. g.: I actually do not play tennis daily.

She does not work in my company....