Printing Snack Machine by means of Bluetooth Article

Chapter 1

The situation and Its History

This phase will discuss about the overall concept and information about the task proposed eligible " Producing Vending Machine via Bluetooth”. Counted in the details offered are the background, statement in the problem, aims, scope, limit, significance with the study, and definition of conditions. INTRODUCTION

An increasing percentage of learners are now looking at printer as one of their requirement due to convenience that it can provide to these people. Printing companies around campuses are always packed with a huge number of shoppers or college students in particular, that causes hassle to some people who require an immediate producing service.

Persons nowadays want transaction or perhaps services as fast so that as accessible as they can be. Through technology, vending machines was created to accommodate directly an enormous number of consumers in a place and to offer quality goods to people immediately. One of the best successful examples in the vending equipment is the CREDIT or Programmed Tubig Equipment that can be found surrounding the campus.

Due to the stated facts, the proponents had an idea to combine these two essentials into a even more useful device that can advantage students along the campus. With this project all of us will create a far more secure, easy, faster and low-cost creating transaction of documents by using a vending equipment.


Printers serve as an excellent way of handling documents and other paper works such as producing hard copies which can be used as back up copies or stamping documents that can be used in the traditional way of sending a notification or emailing. Printed files are still easier and more cozy to read out-do other assets that we have today. A various kinds of printers are now widely used everywhere we look, such as in schools, colleges and universities which results in an ever-increasing rate of businesses that are increasing their capital in this kind of industry. Although even if there exists a lot of creating establishments nearby the campuses they can fill the increasing needs. Students happen to be waiting a lot of time in producing shops. In different cases, protection issue is essential. File secureness can be achieved, through immediate deletion of files as soon as the transaction was done with out one can find it if, one more transaction will be held at. Printing Snack Machine via Bluetooth can offer a anchored, convenient and hassle free creating services. Primarily, it will acknowledge two types of format which can be in Phrase file format (. doc, docx) and Portable Document Format(. pdf). The machine is not only useful but will can provide a low cost means of printing paperwork that are guaranteed and safe. Around, a high quality laser beam printer can easily print 40 pages of files per minute. Using this type of printing device, a faster transaction of printing files is achievable. Based on the 2010 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Market (ASPBI) - Manufacturing Sector, the producing industry ranks number two with 1090 companies all over the country. The said review simply implies that printing business is at high demand especially to those areas nearby campuses, whether it is an assignment, term paper, research daily news or job documentations, scholar needs to print out variety of data. Therefore , setting up a printing snack machine located within the grounds premises is often more accessible rather than going to creating shop over the campus place. THEORETICAL STRUCTURE

This research is primarily based about:

Raspberry Pi technology

Bluetooth technology.

All of us also use the Laser Producing Technology since our computer printer. Raspberry Pi is based on Cpanel platform, the commands in the terminal will be in Python which we will be used for setting up the Raspberry Pi just like setting the on-boot capabilities to be run, updating runtime environment in the JAVA which will we will be used as the front-end since JAVA can be described as cross-platform terminology that fits pertaining to our Apache operating system. As well as Raspberry Professional indemnity and...