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Joey Sheikh

Ohio School

Writing and Rhetoric I actually


Cover Letter

Dear target audience,

This job focuses primarily on the music Masters of War by Bob Dylan. His music is handling the American people and everyone else in the world who can be familiar with song. This song is approximately the cool war and reflects the worry shown during that time period. The main focus of the song is to oppose the Cool war and everything war for that matter. Dylan wrote this music to share his negative emotions towards battle. His meaning is that warfare is a bad thing and really should be removed from our world. It appeals to the emotions through the lyrics, which will discuss the young military feelings because they are being forced in war many other things. Bob Dylan's message appeals to logic since it explains the deaths that war triggers and how the us government forces war upon the individuals. Bob Dylan is an extremely well-known singer and this message means a lot more received from him than it would via anyone else. He has won multiple Grammys and is inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ultimately through Bob Dylan's use of rhetorical devices, I believe that he's successful in delivering his anti war message to his generation and all of those that come following. After browsing my peer review My spouse and i made a lot of changes to the paper. I realized that my personal conclusion was inadequate and added an entirely new section to compensate. We also tried to make the thesis statement more clear as suggested. I was also suggested to add even more about other rhetorical products besides solennite, logos, and ethos. I included even more about the tone Dylan uses in the lyrics, and also a few content about genre and the language used by him. I found connections to the content we read in class called " The Sticky Take hold of of Beauty” by Anne Francis Wysocki. I think that the criticisms of my newspaper were well deserved and I fixed what was stated in the expert review. This project allowed me to investigate something that I really enjoy, which is rare. My spouse and i learned a whole lot about Frank Dylan whilst doing this project and that is constantly interesting. My spouse and i also discovered a lot about how exactly to analyze all types of text and video, and not a written article. I think it is good that this job has us branch away from everyday monotony of examining pages within a book and analyzing this. For my personal revision of project a couple of the first thing Used to do was add a relevant subject and employed a proper heading. I as well altered my personal thesis so it applies even more to the rhetorical analysis. I did not make a claim inside the introduction which is not supported this time. I likewise explained for what reason it is obvious that Frank Dylan feels so firmly about the song. My spouse and i also tried to connect my personal thesis more to the rhetorical analysis by simply saying that the song is merely relevant today because of its usage of pathos, diathesis, logos, and also other rhetorical products. I as well added some words prior to quotes to create them up rather than merely placing them in the paper. My spouse and i also attempted to fix wherever I position the periods in the quotes when ever citing. My spouse and i elaborated more on how Dylan uses trademarks to appeal to people inside the song. We also managed to get clear that Bob Dylan is the singer and songwriter of " Masters of War”. I explained the references in the lyrics with the song, by way of example I discussed who Delator was. My spouse and i explained my own references to pathos, ethos, and logos and applied the actual word instead of reasoning or emotion. I discussed more of my quotes rather than just putting that in there and expecting someone to understand. We attempted to take out some of the opinion towards Joe Dylan in my paper and also tried to eliminate the parts that have been solely depending on opinion.

Joey Sheikh

Kentkucky University

Producing and Rhetoric 1


The Concept of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is considered to be one of the most effective and important recording music artists in history. He has been nominated for 39 awards and has won 11 of these (including two Grammy's, a Golden Earth, and an Oscar). Beginning as a people singer, this individual told various stories...

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