Reflection Newspaper from the Holy Week of 2002

Traditional Roman Catholic Filipinos would use their Holy Week in isolation and in plea. They would pray all day and everything night, recite different blood pressure measurements and reflect on their lives and on the life span and suffering of our Head of the family Jesus Christ. This would reflect the devotion of such people to their particular religion and tradition. In the present times, the conventional people I had been referring to before are already a scarce inside the society. Standard Filipinos, including Roman Catholic's, would use their O Week touring, frolicking and resting from your hustle and bustle of our frantic metropolis life. My spouse and i don't notice it as a negative thing intended for I was not a Catholic myself. I read the paperwork during the O Week and read the viewpoints of the Priests of the Catholic Church saying that they're saddened with the fact that the people are generally not that dedicated to the Church in following traditions of the Church through the Holy Week. Nevertheless, it's a fact that we must all accept that instances are changing and so are the people.

As for me personally, I spent the Ay Week working away at all the things I am able to do in the home, taking the prospect of the very long vacation. Certainly, working through the Holy Week. Bad trip, right? Si bien ok lang yun. As I said earlier, My spouse and i am not a Catholic. Simple po ako. For me, the main date during the Holy Week is Easter Sunday with this is the working day that we commemorate the resurrection of our God Jesus Christ and this is really a working day of celebration! But for other week, We worked my ass away in the house but not that literally. We also came to visit some of each of our relatives inside the nearby zone and had a fellowship right now there.

Although working, I had been also highlighting on what I'm performing and what Jesus experienced done. What I'm carrying out was nothing at all compared to what he do for me and you…to die for our sins. Pretty though, proper?? But then, I am just only individual and cannot match what He would but Him?? A Our god who died for men like us? It's incredible and pressing! I sensed that I are really...