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Related literature:

Computer games are the second most frequently used application following social media (Wakoopa, and unfavorable outcomes, especially with respect to aggression (see in Sherry, 2001;  Elson & Ferguson, 2013a,  2013c;  Ferguson, 2007). Though less than 4% to five per cent of the users—adolescents and extra school students—are addicted to video/computer game (Kuss & Griffiths, 2012), a few of the authors indicated that computer game addiction frequently occurs in teenage life and this triggers a routine of moral worry (see the moral stress issue of computer games in Barnett & Coulson, 2010;  Elson & Ferguson, 2013b;  Ferguson, Coulson, & Barnett, 2011).  Hellström ou al. (2012) found using video games for fantasy and getting status increased their unwanted side effects and, in comparison, using game titles for fun and sociability reduced negative effects of games. 2012). Computer and online game play rates and sales are increasing every day (Entertainment Software Association, 2012). Computer and online games happen to be preferred by a wide range of persons ranging from kids and adolescents to adults.  Entertainment Computer software Association's (2012) research showed which the average game player is 30 years old and 32% in the players are less than 18 years old. Players choose to play games for several reasons such as fun, recreation (Griffiths & Search, 1995;  Kuss & Griffiths, 2012), coping with stress (Grusser, Thalemann, Albrecht, & Thalemann, 2005;  Wood & Griffiths, 2007), sociability, gaining position (Hellström, Nilsson, Leppert, & Åslund, 2012), and avoiding real life (Wan & Chiou, 2006;  Wood, Griffiths, & Parke, 2007). Research on video and computer gaming literature studies both confident and unwanted effects on players. Fifty-two percent of the father and mother highlighted that computer game playing is confident and a significant element of their particular children's your life (Entertainment Computer software Association, 2012). Thus, doing offers promotes solving problems, visual, engine, and spatial skills and fosters...