Reflection upon Self Study Essay

Expression on self-learning

The main target of my personal independent language learning this session is to increase the size of and trigger my terminology (i. e. 120 assigned words and 120 personal words) and also to improve the business of my own writing. Compared to the objective I actually set last semester, " to learn 95 words or expressions, including 70 energetic words and 30 perceptive words”, Let me not only expand my vocabulary substantially but also learn to activate these kinds of words during my speaking and writing. Truthfully speaking, just recording and remembering remote words simply by rote is certainly of very little use to get a significant improvement of my own English. Consequently , I altered the objective which I set last semester make more focus on the usage of these types of words. Considering my prior learning experience, writing remained the weak spot of my English skills. I could still remember the time we were asked to write down an article about " My personal hometown” in the first LANG001 class. I was too panicked to think of everything to write and it turned out worse when I looked around and saw my classmates were writing efficiently. In this session, I will make effort to further improve my firm of sentences, such as logical and cohesive paragraphs and clear managing ideas. In fall term, MyWords was my best helper with my vocabulary learning. Firstly, I was leg on saving new words in a gorgeous note book with their explanation, collocation and translation. Nevertheless , after 3 weeks we were ask to do a in-class vocabulary ensure that you I instantly realized that saving words in notebook had done tiny help of my own vocabulary as I seldom reported words on previous pages and it was hardly feasible to evaluate my learning in such method. After I distributed my ineffectual learning approach with my instructor, this individual suggested me personally to use MyWords tool to record what and to evaluate my learning by doing on the web self-check quizzes. Thanks to his advice, I actually made full use of MyWords and it contributed to a substantial...