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Goals and Objectives

To look for the negative effects of watching cartoons.

To determine the positive effects of viewing anime.


History of anime

Why college students like observing anime?

Factors that desire student to observe anime

Cartoons Addiction: Causes and Results on College students

Why several students started to be obsessed following watching anime?

Positive and negative effects


Anime can be described as type of cartoon but rather, it is complex, fully developed, broader, and in many cases the movement drawing is usually on a higher level than that of a mere toon. Anime, which usually originated in The japanese, is attracted by a " Mangaka” (artist) into manguera (comic) breezes. These breezes are then simply rearranged, shaded and synchronized by a hundred of staff. After the sequencing, a " Seiyuu” (Voice Actor) will give life towards the character. 1 second of movement needs twenty-five to thirty-five drafts of drawing. Since it originated in Asia, most of the Animes shows the culture and hidden splendor of Japan, its technical advancement, a friendly relationship, love and student's existence, the Japanese method.

Anime is a term for the style of Japan comic book and video cartoon cartoon in which the key characters include large doe-like eyes. Various Web sites will be devoted to anime. Anime is definitely the prevalent design in Japan comic books or manga. In Japan, the comic publication is a popular sort of entertainment for all adults as well as for youthful audiences. Account lines are often very sophisticated and complex and expand into episodic series. Typical anime designs or types include Ninja and other fighting techinques; the great or fear story; the romance; and science fiction including robots and space ships. Foils for the main characters, which include robots, creatures, or just simple bad people, often lack the doe-eyed quality.

Well-liked nowadays, Anime had touched the cardiovascular system of many visitors. Some well-liked Anime such as Naruto and Bleach. This kind of Animes acquired dominated the media industry in the past few years. The japanese has a very unique lifestyle. The Israel, on the other hand, does not have that sort of culture, that is, its personal culture is constructed of by the mixture of cultures of other countries such as America, Spain and China. For this reason many Filipinos are fascinated with such lifestyle.

Anime proposed amazing concepts and catchy storyline that is humorous yet fascinating. It also features some future concepts about what could take place in the near future and what technological advancements can people expect to Japan. With this kind of content, no wonder that Anime reigned within the media and digital globe not only in Asia but in the whole world.

Why college students like seeing anime?

Students like to observe anime since it is interesting to view and have plenty of genre. The personality of each character is perfect for each genre and for the storyline of the anime.  They explained watch cartoons is an outlet for those who might not have an opportunity to go to town and also for individuals who want to escape reality also just for a period of time. They become closed to other folks and spend more time in the bedroom. Cartoons can make persons want to view more cartoons.

Why several students became obsessed after watching cartoons?

The even worse is that they looking for alliance based on the smoothness personality. People like to replicate the whole behavior of the personality that they just like the most in this anime. In other word, they want to become the persona of that cartoons. If the figure they just like is an antagonist or the villains in that anime, they will start to become that persona in real world or that they create their particular personality to match the character.

Anime Addiction: Triggers and Results on College students

Nowadays, cartoons addiction is very rampant specifically among college students. People with obsessive interest in anime are called, Otaku (a Japanese people term). There are numerous factors that urge students to watch cartoons that leads to addiction. Anime itself serves as a great aspect that allow students to...