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Job Title: Geologist

Department: Section Of Agriculture

Agency: Forest Service

Job Announcement Amount: 13-1040000-0270DP-LS

INCOME RANGE: | $47, 448. 00 to $57, 408ps. 00 / Per Year

WIDE OPEN PERIOD: | Friday, Nov 09, 2012 to Monday, December 10, 2012| SERIES & CLASS: | GS-1350-9/11

POSITION INFO: | Full Time - Long term


WORK LOCATIONS: | 1 openings - Coeur dAlene, IDENTIFICATION View Map

WHO MIGHT APPLY: | US Citizens; no prior Federal government experience is necessary. | TASK SUMMARY:

A profession with the Forest Service is going to challenge one to manage and care for much more than 193 mil acres of the nation's most opulent lands, conduct research through a network of forest and range test stations as well as the Forest Products Laboratory, and supply assistance to Condition and private forestry agencies. Really an awesome responsibility - nevertheless the rewards are as endless as the views. В

The UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Forest Service has legislative authority to recruit and fill Long lasting (Career/Career-Conditional), Temporary, and Term Appointments within the USDA Exhibition Project. Under this power, any U. S. resident may apply. В

This position is being concurrently announced beneath Merit Promotion Announcement Quantity 13-1040000-0270G-LS. В Current or ex - Federal staff may apply to both announcements, but ought to be sure to affect the Merit Promotion Announcement in order to avoid losing consideration seeing that different affiliate criteria apply to each type of announcement. В Disabled veterans, applicants with 3 or more years of active duty military service, and candidates entitled to special hiring authorities may well apply to the Merit Advertising Announcement if they meet the criteria outlined inside the announcement and submit helping documentation. This position is located for the Idaho Panhandle National Woodlands in the Specialized Services location. For additional information about the duties with the position, you should contactВ Kevin KnesekВ at (208)765-7442, or by email at [email protected] fed. us Please see the vacancy story thoroughly and follow almost all instructions to assure proper concern. If you are unable to apply online or have questions about the meaning of items in the vacancy announcement, please contact Human Resources Management in 1-877-372-7248. CRUCIAL REQUIREMENTS

5. Must be a U. S. Citizen to apply.

* Men born after 12/31/59 should be registered while using Selective Support.


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Obligations listed are at theВ full functionality level:

Administers/conducts mineral procurment activities in National Forest system lands. Conducts validity examinations to ascertain and help to make recommendations regarding the lack of a mineral finding or reaffirm that a mineral discovery have been made. Conducts geologic research and inspections on a various projects where geology and mineral activities have an effect on expansion and/or managing of forest resources. Looks at forest land and makes evaluation of vitamin potential in order to develop, assess, and give minerals management activities. Participates on interdisciplinary teams to get evaluating the effect of Forest Service and non-Forest Support activities about Forest countries. Prepares information of results including the collection and analysis or overview of data.


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You have to possess the Standard Requirements determined below being considered qualified to receive all positions at the GS-5 grade level and above. This position contains a positive education requirement; consequently , a legible copy of your college transcripts is required to be attached to your application prior to the final date of the announcement; candidates who neglect to submit their transcripts will never be given credit for their education. Bachelor's Level: geology, plus 20 additional semester several hours in any mixture of mathematics, physics, chemistry, neurological science, strength,...