significance of study Article

Value of the Research

The reason why this study is definitely significant can be explained by three elements. First, this kind of study investigates Junior high school graduation students' perceptions, attitudes, views, and their contribution towards the bilingual environment. As a result, this study might provide some empirical messages intended for English instructors in Taiwan about doing a bilingual environment. Second, the results of how college students improve their British learning in a bilingual environment can inspire teachers to supply appropriate excitation to their learners. Third, it really is hoped that the study might help junior high school students for offering the information showing how they can enhance their English learning in a bilingual environment.

Constraints of the Research

3 limitations from the study happen to be generalized as follows. First, the sample size of this analyze is little. The subjects in this study had been 35 college students from two classes in a junior high school in southern Taiwan. The sample in this study was restricted to the urban region. Consequently, it is hard to extend the study conclusions to all the EFL pupils in Taiwan. Second, it truly is unpredictable whether the subjects react to the forms honestly. The topic responses towards the questionnaires can be out of researcher's control. Third, owing to the limited time for responding to the questionnaires, the file format of the forms consists of just 24 questions. Therefore , the analysis may be not able to comprise all the questions in terms of the students' thinking toward a bilingual environment and the means they improve their English learning in a bilingual environment.

Definition of Conditions

To help visitors get a very clear understanding of this kind of study, this terms happen to be specifically defined: 1 . Campus Bilingual Environment: Ministry of Education provides announced the rules of establishing a bilingual environment in fundamental and younger high colleges in 2004. The establishment of grounds bilingual...