Resource Administration Community and Family Research Essay

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Well-being is not just the absence of disease or illness. It is a complicated combination of someone’s physical, mental, emotional, social, economic, religious and interpersonal health factors. Wellbeing is how you feel about yourself as well as your life. Well being relates to how well someones needs happen to be met and how satisfied and fulfilled they are. Wellbeing is related to the quality of lifestyle. it can be measured by the ability people have to handle and conform to change, all their self-esteem, self-assurance and expert acceptance. Well-being refers to the welfare of your individual or perhaps group and is also affected by many different factors, including spiritual, physical, emotional, economics, cultural and social. Well-being can be scored in 4 ways:

Capacity to adjust and manage transform

Level of self-assurance


Expert acceptance

Factors of well being (SPEECS)


Ideals, probe, ethics


Awareness of oneself


Goal in life

Understanding religious guidelines

Identifying right from wrong


Food and water



Use of health providers

Living conditions

Standard physical activity


Related to feelings

Attachment and bonding

Take pleasure in and passion

Sense of belonging

Protection and balance

Self -mage and self confidence


Work stability

Sufficient income to participate in culture

Access to monetary support impotence. Welfare

Employment opportunities

Work satisfaction

Bank accounts


Focus on traditions, beliefs, principles and practices

Opportunities to preserve cultural historical past

Teaching and developing customs, beliefs and values

Practices of family members and communities

Involvement in cultural activities


Healthful interpersonal interactions eg. Friends and family, peers, workplace Emotional support

Sense of belonging

Safety and security

The inter-related nature of the wellbeing elements is illustrated in the subsequent example. A person who loses their job (economic factor) may well have a lowered self-esteem (emotional factor). Because of their reduced income, they could decide to terminate their gym membership (physical and interpersonal factors), that may impact upon their general wellbeing. Person and group wellbeing- you will find often several understandings of wellbeing in the neighborhood. Perceptions of welling could possibly be affected by factors such as strength and preceding experience. Elizabeth. g. famous people who are wealthy and loved by followers, but frequently their mental and physical health are at risk. Beliefs and requirements

Values happen to be people's emotions or attitudes about things that are crucial to them. Beliefs tend to end up being abstract, not really concrete. Therefore they are hard to visualise. Values tend to develop as a result of experiences. Standards can be a measure of achievement or fulfillment. They are the rules people use for help them determine whether the outcome of a goal was above or perhaps below the fact that was expected. There is a basis to get comparison make limits so that is satisfactory and unwanted. Standards tend to originate from ideals. Values are just like attitudes; they may be formed through contact with other people. Values will be personal and are also learned via significant adults. Values take the time to pass from generation to the next and are usually stable and long term. When formed a value is deeply entrenched and for that reason difficult to transform. When personal values perform change, it's really a slow and gradual procedure. A change in the quality of people's lives may cause an alteration in the importance of a particular worth. The different behaviour patterns expected of men and women within the contemporary society in which that they live can easily shape principles. Men and women master what is recognized as manly and feminine in the beliefs held and fostered by world. These values influence not only behaviours yet also beliefs. The decisions made by individuals often echo a difference in personal principles. Each individual; includes a group of key values which might be usually...