Concept Analysis of Personal Mutilation Composition

Strategy Analysis of Self-Mutilation

Pamela C. Williams

Grand Encolure University: NUR-502


ConceptAnalysis of Self-Mutilation

A large number of health professional have got a difficult time defining self-mutilation. Often times those who present with self-inflicted accidents are considered suicidal. This may not be always the truth. In order to guideline nursing research and develop effective nursing jobs interventions, the concept of self mutilation needs to be analyzed closer. Healthcare professionals need to have a better understanding of what self-mutilation means, why people self-mutilate, and what the risk factors for self-mutilation will be. This knowledge will provide a basis intended for research bringing about effective interventions so that nurses can provide proficient care to patients showing with self-inflicted injuries. To raised define and describe self-mutilation, a concept analysis was performed. The first step was collecting data. Numerous electronic digital databases and the World Wide Web had been searched making use of the words self-mutilation, self-injury and cutting. Factors for add-on in the evaluation were which the articles should be from a peer examined journal, has to be printed in English, and must go over the work of self-mutilation. Forty with the 213 abstracts reviewed had been chosen to get evaluation mainly because they mentioned self –mutilation unrelated to a suicide make an effort or a mental illness. It had been then narrowed down to twenty six articles that provided a sufficent meaning of self-mutilation. Two books had been found and included resulting from an study of a citation. The second stage performed was data analysis. A stand was used to analyze, code and display info. Information was catagorized according to meanings, surrogate terms, defining characteristics, antecedents and consequences. Functions by authors in the disciplines of nursing, remedies, psychology and religion were found (). Self- felure is defined as the intentional work of muscle destruction with the purpose of...

References: Hicks, E. M., & Hinck, T. M. (2008). Concept Examination of Self-Mutilation. Journal of

Advanced Nursing jobs, 64(4), 408–413.