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Suikoden Tierkreis Recruit 108 Starbearers Guidebook FAQ

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There are 108 Starbearers in Suikoden Tierkreis just as you will find 108 Celebrities of Future in the different Suikoden‘s. There are some things to know about with many of the optional recruits, so if you desire all 108 and the best ending, pay attention and make sure you don't miss out on any person.

The 108 Starbearers will probably be listed because they are available in the game.

1 . Main character – Computerized recruit.

2 . Marica – Automatic generate. Joins in Citro Village

3. Jale – Automatic recruit. Ties at Citro Village

four. Liu – Automatic recruit. Joins by Citro Community

5. Hotupa – Automated recruit. Wanderer who joins at Forest Ruins

six. Moana – Automatic generate. Wanderer who also joins for Forest Ruins

7. Logan – Automated recruit by Grayridge.

8. Erin – Automatic get, Logan's little girl who acts as spy under Macoute.

being unfaithful. Mubal – Joins Firm upon coming into the Magedom and stays on to learn about the power of Stories.

10. Zahra – Doctor found at the Magedom whom joins to treat Cougar.

10 Eunice – Nurse to get Zahra, who also also joins your company after treating Cougar.

12. Wahie – Ties after you obtain Cougar. Hotupa will attempt to send Cougar to his personal world, yet he is not able to go. Wahie comes away and notifys you some Gateway advice, and joins following this. You can go to him to do the Nintendo Wi fi stuff.

13. Sisuca – With twelve characters recruited, head out with the front get out of of your HQ and Sisuca will show up. She'll claim ‘wow, you have 10 characters' and go out. Later, return to Citro Small town and go to the Elder's Home. Have her get ready to go to your HQ, and she is going to join you to that destination.

14. Anya – After returning from your Magedom of Janam, put Erin inside your party and go to Grayridge. Check out the mine and move northeast to view Anya. With Erin inside your party, you may recruit Anya. Note that previously as you keep Grayridge you can find extra dialogue with Anya if you have Erin in your get together, but it is usually not required intended for Anya's recruiting.

15. Selen – Selen is Jale‘s mom. Through the ‘blooming flower' season, Selen will show up if you your Forest Damages HQ from the front entry. The first time Selen shows up, you are likely level 16 or so and Selen will not even bother to battle you. Selen seems to show up every other blooming flower time of year, and the the next time you satisfy her you ought to be about level 20 or 21 with Jale. With a luck, you may make her down. But if she knocks you down with her Shrike move, most likely in trouble. Even still you'll be burning through Mega Drugs trying to make it through. Two-Way Hit obviously will perform the bulk of the damage but it needs Jale to get almost full HP to outlive the change. Hope that Selen toxins turns obstructing. If you have trouble with her, return to fight her after the Seaside Cave – if you bring Jale along for that he can be about level 25, making the battle less difficult. Once you beat Selen, she brings together your armed service.

Recruitment notice: After returning from the Magedom of Janam, visit Grayridge Ch Hall to get a picture with Luvais warning you. This is a crucial event for the recruit later on.

16. Tongatihi – When you go back from the Magedom and have access to the Fermeture area, head there and travel east to a new screen. When you see a wanderer, speak to him great name is usually Tongatihi. Return to Moana and sign up for Windowpane Information. This can be a request coming from Tongatihi and you may send whomever, because it is sure to fail. After reporting on this quest, a brand new quest should open up called Windows Further than the Gateway – this kind of too is a failure therefore don't worry. After revealing on Home windows Beyond the Gateway just go to the Corridor and speak to Tongatihi. Ask him to create Windows for you, and Tongatihi will plan to join. Speak with him...