symbolism in rose to get emily and good guy is hard to look for Essay

Symbolism and Irony

Flannery O 'Connor's " A Good Man is not easy to find" and William Faulkner's " A Increased for Emily" both have irony and symbolism. In " A fantastic Man is Hard to Find" by O'Connor uses significance while " A Rose for Emily" by Faulkner uses even more irony.

O'Connnor uses meaning and paradox in several locations throughout the history in " A Good Gentleman is Hard to Find". The storyplot starts with a road trip of Bailey family members that reveals irony numerous symbols over the story, the majority of which involve death. For instance , the friends and family passed a huge cotton discipline with about five or six graves and there are 6 members of the Bailey family members. The penible are referred to as " fenced-in the middle of that, like a small island" (499) and are demonstrated when they are between the Misfit and his henchmen. Another important symbol that is shown is that the plantation house with six light columns as soon as they pass the town of Toombsboro which recommend a tomb or a graveyard. The most important symbol is that they travel down a dirt road that may be full of slopes and features ''sudden flushes, " (500) with sharpened curves which can be parallel to a road towards Hell. Following the Baileys stop at an accident, a brand new chain of symbols arise. At first glance from the Misfit; he is described as a " big black battered hearse-like automobile" (501) with " a stable expressionless gaze" (501), which usually he represents death. While talking to the grandmother, the Misfit pointed his sneakers to the earth and makes a hole, which usually looks like a burial. The Misfit's action of searching and covering up a pit with his demonstrates the Baileys were gonna die. With all the symbols in the story, you can actually tell that Flannery O'Connor is Catholic. During the chat between the granny and the Misfit, there are things said regarding Jesus and praying. The grandmother possibly preaches to the Misfit to revive his humankind even though the lady knows that he can kill her. In parts with the story, a cloudless atmosphere is pointed out several times. The clouds...

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