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Tar Creek Superfund Site

Tar Creek is considered one of the greatest environmental problems in the great the United States. This kind of disaster was developed from lead and zinc mining in Northeast Ok. Lead and zinc leftover in talk piles might seep in to groundwater, fish ponds, and ponds contaminating almost all water inside the area. Those from little towns in the area such as Cardin and Picher are at high risk for lead poisoning, which could have long term health results. Tar Creek has been pinpointed as the explanation for high amounts of learning afflictions in this area. This place was residence to popular lead and zinc mines during Community War you and World War 2 . " Over the years, the mining companies disposed of the conversation by collecting it into large aboveground piles, and by dumping this into flotation or tailing ponds” (ATSDR). Quite often, waste products from mining were left into pursuit holes dug out to map mining areas. After the mining had halted in the 1950's, the mines flooded and these waste products began to mix in with the remaining water that filled the mine. Eventually, this drinking water reached the area and shaped springs of contaminated water. " Very contaminated acid solution mine water began flowing from the acquire shafts in Ottawa State Oklahoma more than three decades ago, just as expected by the miners during the fifties and in 1977 by S i9000. J. Playton of the USGS. This acidity mine normal water undoubtedly impacted the marine and riparian communities of Tar Creek and other local streams and lakes” (www.tarcreek.org). There have been several remediation attempts that have took place in the area due to the " Oklahoma Arrange for Tar Creek”. Four with the main targets in remediating Tar Creek are to improve the quality of surface drinking water, minimizing how much exposure to business lead dust, looking after mine risks such as sink holes, and the reclamation of the area as a whole. " This plan successfully establishes greater than a discrete group of cleanup tasks; it also...

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