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" The Namesake”

The Namesake is a film that has equally visible and invisible seems. The different noises are used to represent different thoughts in the film. In the beginning in the film we see Gogol's dad on a coach when instantly we notice the teach screech nevertheless we do not view the actual actions of the train getting into a wreck. It�s this that we contact invisible audio, when you can hear a audio but not start to see the origin of exactly where the sound is definitely coming from. We all also hear invisible appears of people cycling, and we can significantly listen to the rattling of their bike chains when the film begins to take place in America. In the beginning, the film happens in India where all of us hear women singing although we do not discover her, then later at the end with the film we see Ashima performing. This could be considered and unseen sound that later becomes visible. When ever Ashima involves America and her hubby needs to head to work, we see her laying in bed when we can listen to ice burning and leaking from outside the house, we can perceive this to generate us truly feel how unhappy Ashima feels in America far from her family members.

The Namesake likewise uses color as a way to get people to feel different emotions or moods. When the film occurs in India, the colors we come across are very attractive and nice such as crimson, brown, and a few browns, kind of like how India is. India is a region where it's always warm and loud and it sort of has a " hustle-bustle” experience to it with its raucous crowded pavements. When the film moves to Ny we see cool colors like, gray and blue. Ashima is no longer in her country where really warm, but also in a country that is cold, uninteresting and lonely. The film uses colours and sounds to enhance the audience emotions and mood.