The Book Thief Research Essay

Takara Taylor

July 18, 2009

AP Literature Composition

The Publication Thief

Haunted By Icons

Through all the irony and vivid colouring, The Publication Thief is somewhat more easily comprehended after learning of browsing literature with greater treatment and meticulousness. Applying chapters of How to see Literature such as a Professor can better boost a reader's awareness of invisible messages and symbols within just certain functions of literary works. In Part Two, Promote explains just how meals recommend a communion between all parties involved in this. Markus Zusak also uses meals and food to create families with each other in The Book Robber. Foster also explains, in Chapter 9, how assault in literature usually is short for more than just physical violence.

In Part Two of The right way to Read Books like a Teacher, Thomas C. Foster says " anytime people take in or beverage together, it's communion” (8). Rosa Hubermann's watery pea soup was obviously a strong central point for most of the foods in The Book Robber. When Utmost arrives at the house on Himmel Street, Rosa feeds him some of her soup. This moment delivers comfort and security for the Hubermanns plus the Jewish man. It is the commence of Max's temporary security. When Liesel " steals” the stale cookies in the mayor's house, readers go through the strange camaraderie between the mayor's wife and Liesel. The cookies, combined with the books, create a strong romance between the females with two completely different sides. Sometimes, it's not only meals or perhaps foods that bring tranquility and accord. The initially night that Liesel comes on Himmel Street, Hans Hubermann presents her to the art of rolling smokes. They stay against the wall in the bath room and move cigarettes through the night and establish a father-daughter relationship that Liesel had hardly ever experienced just before.

Violence in literature is extremely common. " Violence is among the most personal and even romantic acts between human beings, however it can also be cultural and societal in its implications” (Foster 88). But maybe even the most...