Essay in «The Taken Party» Liliana Heker

Whenever we lived in an ideal world, everybody would be equivalent, everyone may have the same reputation and we would all are in peace. Regrettably, we do not stay in such a new. In Liliana Heker's tale, " The Stolen Party", we are told of the skinny line that separates the reduced class, the less fortunate, in the upper class, the " better people". Right away, we see all the discrimination and inhumane treatment some people think they have the justification to inflict upon those who they consider " not one of them. " The story is approximately Rosaura, the nine-year-old child of a girl who does housecleaning for a rich family. Rosaura often comes with her mother to job and does her homework with Luciana, the daughter of the home. As a result, or so she thinks, Rosaura can be Luciana's good friend and has been invited to her birthday party. The first data we see which usually supports the claim that this tale is about category structure, comes when Rosaura's mother, Herminia, says to her, " I don't like you going, 2 weeks . rich people's party. " This lets the reader know that Herminia is aware of many ways of the world. When ever she explains to her starry-eyed daughter who may be full of expect and chasteness that, " The problem with you, young lady, is that you like to fart higher than your ass, " she's looking to convince Rosaura that the girl with shooting too much above her social stop. She tries to explain to her daughter the people will look at her as " the maid's daughter" but not as another person, but Rosaura is only eight and " one of the best in her class", and she gets that Luciana is her friend and that she has recently been invited to Luciana's party any other guests, as the same. At this point inside the story, Rosaura is unaware of discrimination in our society. This is confirmed the moment Rosaura says, " Abundant people go to heaven too. " The key idea conveyed here, is the fact adults recognize social restrictions which kids do not find.

-1- Rosaura " wanted to go to that party more than anything else in the world. " The lady...