thomas jefferson ap outline Essay

" Person Of The People”

Thomas Jefferson

I. Jones Jefferson, another president, also called " Man of the People” was born The spring 13, 1743, Shadwell Plantation, Goochland State, Virginia. He died Come july 1st 4, 1826 near Charlottesville, Virginia. 2. The highest education Thomas Jefferson was from the college of William and Mary, he graduated in 1762. Jones Jefferson's jobs included like a lawyer, chief excutive of Virginia, secretary of state beneath George Wa, and Vp after Adams. III. Jones Jefferson served two terms from Mar 4, 1801- March some, 1809. His first term being dished up from 1801-1805 and his second from 1805-1809. IV. Thomas Jefferson proposed for his presidency three times in his political career. To start with he misplaced to John Adams. His second race was a tie up between him and Aaron Burr, but was broken by the House of Representatives. This individual became the third president after he finally defeated Charles C. Pinckney. Jefferson received the1800 political election by a most 73 electoral votes to 65. During his second term selection in 1804, Jefferson gained with a perimeter of 162 electoral ballots to 13 for his opponent. Individuals were not delighted because in 1803, Napoleon had purposely provoked Great britain into renewing its battle with Italy. V. Jefferson's proponents in his first conditions were Aaron Burr a Democratic-Republican, Ruben Adams, Charles C. Pinckney and Steve Jay, who were all Federalists. Hid adversary in his second term was Charles C. Pinckney, who was a Federalist. VI. Thomas Jefferson's personal party was obviously a Democratic-Republican. VII. Jefferson's Vp during his first term was Aaron Burr and George Clinton during his second. VIII. Domestic Affairs during his first term included the Naturalization Act(1802), that set up the fact that every immigrants or illegal aliens were to be delivered through particular clerks who record info and info. Another home affair was the Copyright Act(1802), that passed a law explaining the...

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