Essay regarding O Close friend Where Art Thou or The Odyssey

Jaxson Hoey

Mr. Pison

Honors Lit & Compensation

13 Drive 2013

Two Historical and Impactful Journeys

The Odyssey is one of the many impactful pieces of literature of all time. It illustrates a trip epic of the ancient Greek hero who reveals perseverance to return home to his relatives despite a large number of trials. Thus impactful, To Brother In which Art Thou? was made to set this experience into modern day terms so that society can better appreciate and learn coming from it. Um Brother In which Art Thou? was nominated for best photo and received best actor or actress at the Fantastic Globe Honours in 2001 because of how well that described The Odyssey. Um Brother Where Art Thou? is an accurate description with the Odyssey due to connections on the events in the Cyclops, the Sirens, and the Suitors.

The Cyclops is one of the most important trials Odysseus and his staff face. The Odyssey displays this event exactly where Odysseus royaume on an nearly abandoned isle with no records of habitants. They search the property and find a giant's give with flocks of sheep and many assorted cheeses within it. Odysseus and his best men enter and begin to dine with this abundance. Not long after, Polyphemus, the Cyclops enters along with his giant golf club and sees men consuming his rations. He engages with a chat with Odysseus at first. Instantly, Polyphemus grabs two of Odysseus' men and eats these people! This event is extremely similar to what happens in O Brother In which Art Thou? Everett, Pete and Delmar are eating at an excellent restaurant for lunch. A male with a great eye patch approaches these people, called " Big Kemudian Teague” and claims to become a bible salesman, offering for taking them to be able to a refreshments to discuss organization. When Big Dan is completed eating, this individual stands up, breaks a part off of a tree and beats them with it along with robs all of them of their funds. This is very just like the events with Polyphemus. Literally, they are both large beings and use that to their capacity in slaughtering their competitors. Secondly, they both have one particular eye. Big Dan Teague wears an eye spot hiding among his eyes, while Polyphemus is a Cyclops. Finally, that they both use clubs because their weapons of choice in their slaughters. In what occurs, each persona seems undamaging and humane at first. Shortly after, they overcome their prey very easily and without effort. In the give, Polyphemus reveals his power and strength: " this individual lunged away with his side toward my men and snatching two at once, rapping them in the grass he knocked them dead like pups” (Homer 220). Dan Teague swings once at Everett and two times at Delmar, steals the bucks, kills the frog they may have similar to Polyphemus killing the men, and leaves at once displaying similar size and power.

The other event similarity is the run-in with the Sirens. In The Journey, Odysseus offers heard of these kinds of beautiful mermaids called Sirens that will attract someone with their beautiful music and destroy them whenever they enter the normal water. Odysseus desires to hear the song, thus he requests the crew to tie him for the mast so he cannot free himself while the additional crewmates have beeswax within their ears, deaf to the song. In U Brother Art Thou?, Everett, Pete, and Delmar hear a track coming from the river. They end the car and follow it, and come across three beautiful females singing and washing clothing. They are lured by all of them and awaken the next early morning without Pete. Physically, these types of characters are very similar. The Sirens are known for their beauty and skills in attraction and attraction all during Greek Mythology and when boats come across these kinds of creatures, might the gods help them. Inside the Odyssey, Odysseus experiences this song once " they will sent their ravishing noises out throughout the air and the heart inside me throbbed to listen longer” (Homer 277). Just like The Journey, the tunes of the ladies are what really appeal to the main personas to the water. Also, both equally groups of girls were recognized for their beauty and skills in enticement. In the book, Odysseus is definitely attracted and wants to be with the Sirens, eventually leading to his loss of life, but the...

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