Unflagging India’s Missing Independence Essay

Unflagging 'India's Missing Freedom'

The article " Flagging India's Absent Freedom” by simply Dipankar Gupta is a very well-written essay. It of the dissertation is very exciting and still remains quite appropriate. The author attempts to drive home the point that India, like a nation is insecure The essay is very persuasive and does a good work in imprinting the point with the author on to the reader's head. Mcdougal clearly says that punishing individuals pertaining to caricature of the flag can be described as negative attribute.

The point of contention is definitely pretty simple. The Britishers who also once reigned over India for over a century are extremely careless regarding the way they deal with their flag, and this can be observed in most British colonies also. But India, for some reason would not. The author feels that it makes utmost feeling to copy the policies of england because it ruled us over a century which is a democratic nation just like ours. The author in his article tries to make it clear that considering caricature from the flag as being a serious criminal offense is a negative trait, by giving examples of various fairly developed nations like Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Norway and The japanese. He thoroughly choses just well-developed nations around the world. But then there may be that apparent question that any visitor would question. What about the best boss? Think about USA? Mcdougal answers this by saying America has this bad trait that we Indians, like always, possess copied.

The writer lists down many instances of incidents that took place inside the developed international locations, where cartoonists and protesters weren't reprimanded at all, although their job was incredibly controversial. Can make the essay interesting besides making the reader believe that their operate was even more controversial than that of Aseem Trivedi.

The author then tries to answer problem by citing yet another case in point from record. He believes that India as a nation is insecure. And is convinced that a 'weak' economic expansion is the reason for this insecurity. He uses this essay to...