What Ails Indian Athletics Essay


Sports; a passtime for young students, a passion for players, a fitness solution for the center aged, probably life pertaining to aficionados and more recently lucre for entrepreneurs; has an the same significance to get the country all together. It is a mirror to the professionalism of a country's citizens, all their dedication and the facilities offered to all of them by the authorities. Sports serve as a portrayal of the teamspirit among the players, a reverberator of the passion to master any expense under any circumstances. George Sheehan deservingly summarised the value of sports activities when he remarked " Sport is a theater where sinner can turn st and one common man become an uncommon hero, the place that the past and the future may fuse together with the present.  Sport is definitely singularly in a position to give us peak experiences wherever we think completely one with the globe and surpasse all disputes as we finally become our personal potential. ” India has the second top population on the globe. A major percentage of the most mental minds in the international market are Indians. Demurring the field of sports, India has many successes in its identity to be proud upon. When we look at achievements from this field, they will seem like a shiny palmeral in the wasteland of failing. Its FIFA ranking at present is 134. Its position between countries in Beijing Olympics was 50. It was also behind countries like Latvia, Uzbekistan, Mvuma, zimbabwe, etc . Truth be told, bitter as it is, there are a myriad of problems, with sports and sportsmen evenly, in this region. The major problem dawning after its future is the mentality of parents. The count number of succesful sportsmen, with the exception cricketers ofcourse, being on fingertips combined with painfully limited chances...