YOLO: What’s Wrong with It? Essay

Yung Shelter


Mr. Steiner

Feb twentieth, 2013

The Ignorant Motto

The afternoon we had 30cm of snow, a couple of my local freinds and I were itching to get outside and enjoy our snow-day. Traveling up the highway was treacherous while the snow was scarcely cleared, creating a sheet of white over the road. Whenever we reached the most notable of the slope, the north wind slammed our face with frigidness and heavy snow blinded our eye-sight. Despite the bleakness, one by one, we all sped down as if i was escaping from the engulfment of the enormous avalanche. The last exciting member of the group yelled, " YOLO!! ” and made it intended for the ramp and flew into the oblivion.

" YOLO” is usually typical phrase, internet slang, meaning " You Only Live Once. ” Like other internet terms, there is no crystal clear origin, but rapper Drake popularized this term through his track, " The Motto. ” He sings, " You simply live when: that's the motto, YOLO. ” The meaning here is clear that inside our journey of life, there is certainly only one end, so we ought to put yourself in challenge to live our lives to the maximum potential.

Having such a seemingly profound message, a single might ask, " What's wrong with saying YOLO? ” My real concern is due to the inane presentation of this widely used catchphrase. I know that it could be a ‘cool' and alluring term where one can spit out to conform to the majority. Regrettably, most people have got a depraved and distorted notion of YOLO. Because of simplicity, the " YOLOers” think that this kind of term works extremely well as a basic excuse –I'm doing this because I want to live my life –to their inconsiderate action. In addition, it is utilized so often that this has come to to the point where you can use it as a spoken filler to explain any type of our personal encounter: " My spouse and i failed my math test, YOLO”, " I'm going to smoke cigarettes, YOLO. ”

As a man, our normal tendency is to be happy from knowing that every single action we all do can be...

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